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Guard Designer / Caption Supervisor
Michael Lentz

Color Guard Caption Head

Jason Combs

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Color Guard Designer / Caption Supervisor

Michael Lentz has designed for DCI World Class, most notably as Artistic Director with Boston Crusaders Animal Farm, Open Class, DCA, Indoor Winds, HS Marching Bands and Stage Productions including shows in Chicago with notable choreographers, America's Got Talent and at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. As a performer, Michael marched with the 1989 Bluecoats (baritone) and 1991 Steel City Ambassadors (Color Guard).


Michael has designed WGI Finalist units in all 6 WGI Classes including 10 WGI World Champions. Recently he became a costume designer with Creative Costuming and Designs that produce costumes for all marching pageantry arts. Michael has been a clinician for numerous indoor & outdoor circuits all over the United States and is currently an independent pageantry arts adjudicator.


Previously, he adjudicated for BOA and DCI, judging at the DCI World Championships multiple times. As one of the founders of OIPA, Michael first served as President for the Ohio Indoor Performance Association (2007-2009), after which time he became Education Director and Chief Judge.


Michael has held a seat on the WGI Color Guard Advisory Board since 2001 and served 5 years on the WGI Board of Directors and 1 term on the WGI Steering Committee. Michael’s life work has been with Onyx from Dayton, Ohio where he was a co-founder(1988) and led the team as Director from 1988-2018. For the past 35 years, Michael has been the Creative Artist/Show Designer and is excited for year 36.


He loves to travel, design, and create with groups all over the United States. Michael focuses on concepts, costuming, staging, drill design, production and motion.

Michael Lentz_Jason Combs - Headshot_edited.jpg


Color Guard Caption Head

Jason Combs holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Indiana University and has a 12 year background in gymnastics.


In 1996 Jason joined the Onyx staff and continues into his 27th year with the organization. His eye on producing, collaborating, and developing has helped lead Onyx, at all levels, to higher standards within the organization. Jason’s additional focus on training, recruiting, and fundraising plays an integral part of the team year after year.


In 2018, Jason became the Director of Onyx and as Director Jason has been essential in developing both staff and captains into leadership roles. He worked with multiple Stage Productions including, in Chicago, America's Got Talent and at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Jason has been and continues to share his knowledge with multiple HS Bands & Color Guards around the United States. He began teaching at Fairborn HS in 1999 and continues to direct the guard today. In 2014 Jason worked as part of the Visual Design staff that helped create Animal Farm of the Boston Crusaders.

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