The gauntlet is now on the table. In preparations for this summer's 60th Anniversary Reunion in Casper, a challenge is being made to all in the Trooper family. That includes alumni, current and former staff, volunteers past and present... YOU name them! It's time to Pony Up or Play! If you have been challenged, it's time to bust out a rifle toss, a fancy scale, a triplet flam somethin or other or a high C. Otherwise... You gotta pay up! Or, if you've really got the guts, Pony Up AND Play!

Submitted videos that qualify will be featured on this page and on the Troopers facebook page. You better start practicing before you get called out! When making your challenge be sure to mention that it is for the Pony Up or Play campaign and that all donations go to benefit the Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps. Perform your piece or tell everyone that you're making a donation and then call out three or more individuals you would like to see take the challenge and we'll help push it along. Click the "Take the Challenge" button above to get started.

Note: Please refrain from performing copyrighted materials as they will not be eligible to be featured.

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