Corps Director's Camp Report

This past weekend, young people from all over the Country and Japan came together outside of Dallas, Texas to push themselves to the limit and discover something new about themselves. They came with a dream in mind and a mission in heart.

We were very excited to see the return of many vets and encouraged by the fact that so many new people will begin their magical journey with the Troopers. It is truly amazing that after sixty one years, new faces continue to emerge, solidifying their place in history.

The camp began with a vets only meeting to discuss "organizational pride." After a run through our Trooper history, and setting a goal of lifting up new members so that they may rise to the occasion, the camp began.

Nearly 80 brass and about 40 percussion members were in attendance. Saturday evening we held ensemble block and closed the night down by revisiting the Troopers Corps Song. The vets sang the song to the new members first. We then broke into sections so that everyone could study the words. At the end of the night, the entire group sang the song for the first time in 2019.

This camp was something special. It was the beginning of yet another grand journey, and a re-ignition of the Troopers blue flame.

The long blue line marches on in 2019.

-Kristy Jackson, Corps Director

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