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Sponsor A Meal & Feed America’s Corps

Creating an amazing world-class show on the field takes a lot of fuel, especially for our talented performers. At Troopers, we know that an important part of the unparalleled performing arts experience we offer centers on healthy, nutritious meals for our members and staff.

To support the work of feeding the corps, we are rolling out our annual Sponsor-A-Meal program. The link to sponsor a meal is:

In a normal summer, the Troopers would spend approximately $140,000 on food alone. As we embark on our 2022 season, food and other costs are skyrocketing. Our food truck crew has pledged to focus on more scratch-made meals to ensure our Troopers eat great-tasting and healthy, yet cost-effective meals that meet their nutritional needs.

Meal quality is paramount. Due to the overwhelming physical activity that our students endure, it is estimated that they will burn calories equivalent to a marathon runner - each and every day. In addition to feeding our 150+ members, our food crew also feeds the army of staff and volunteers behind the marching members. Therefore, our mobile food truck serves two hundred people, four times per day until the summer tour ends in August.

Feeding the Troopers is one of the largest expenses that the corps incurs as we work to sustain a healthy group of young adults on a summer journey to deliver a world-class program to audiences coast to coast. ​

Your support in this Sponsor a Meal Program will have a major impact on the health and sustainability of our students as they perform each night throughout America.

Feed America’s Corps. Sponsor a meal. Visit the link to find options for a snack, a meal, a day. Pick a date or a meal that has meaning to you. Consider going in together with others. You can get started at:

In the coming days, we’ll also share some ideas on sharing this program or making it work for you in affordable ways.


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