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Troopers to Celebrate 65th Anniversary with Legacy Corps Appearance at DCI’s 2023 Championship Week

Honor, Loyalty and Dedication will be on display at the 2023 DCI Championships courtesy of Troopers Legacy Corps.

This special performing ensemble is pleased to announce it has committed to perform multiple times in Indianapolis next summer at DCI’s culminating event. Details are still being confirmed, but tentative plans are for Troopers Legacy Corps performances on all three days including an appearance at SoundSport and a full field show performance on Friday Night in Lucas Oil Stadium.

“The Troopers Legacy Corps is a wonderful way to honor 65 years of Troopers history. From the music to the uniforms, the Legacy Corps takes us back through years of incredible shows and magical moments in the storied history of the Troopers,” said Mike Ottoes, Executive Director of the Troopers organization. “We can't wait to see them on the field next summer!”

And, there is still opportunity for Troopers alumni as well as other drum corps alumni or marching enthusiasts to be a part of the effort!

Troopers Legacy Corps is the culmination of The Legacy Corps Project, an effort begun in 2018 as the Troopers celebrated the organization’s 60th anniversary. At its inception, the project’s mission was clear: create a vehicle to celebrate the long and rich history of Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps with the goal of fielding a performing corps in 2023 to honor the 65th anniversary.

“We want a drum corps show recognizing who we are as an organization,” said Legacy Corps Director Pat Chagnon, a proud Troopers alumna. “And, we want to give back to the fans who stuck with Troopers throughout the years.”

Troopers Legacy Corps 2023 program is entitled “One More Ride.” The repertoire will include “How the West was Won,” “American Ghost Riders,” “Silverado,” “Theme from Magnificent Seven,” and a finale of Ennio Morricone’s “Ecstasy of Gold.” The corps plans to incorporate moving drill including the Troopers’ famed company fronts and its signature sunburst move, the pioneer of non-linear drill in drum corps.

Chagnon is a dynamic leader with big plans who enthusiastically welcomes other drum corps dreamers. Troopers Legacy Corps is open to Troopers alumni as well as alumni from other drum corps and even marchers who were never able to live out their drum corps dreams previously.

“Our goal is to field a corps of 200 members,” Chagnon said.

Chagnon noted participation in Troopers Legacy Corps is an opportunity to fulfill a variety of dreams: return to the glory days of marching, achieve a drum corps goal never fulfilled, march with family members, connect with the Troopers and many more.

Plans are being made for participants to have virtual rehearsals as well as rehearsal time in Indiana. Logistics include everything from hotel blocks to some meals to uniforms to transportation and beyond. Chagnon noted fees will max out at $350, a fraction of the cost of other recent alumni corps costs elsewhere. Limited scholarships are available for 2022 Troopers’ age-outs

Registration is currently open for Troopers Legacy Corps through December 2022. Any drum corps alumni or enthusiast is welcome. For more information, visit


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