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Troopers Giving Day Menu

Welcome to Troopers Giving Day. We invite you to help Troopers continue to pursue success in 2024. 


Together, we can reach our Troopers Giving Day goal of $36,000.


All donations matter: no gift is either too small or too grand.


We’ve made it easy to give in a way that is meaningful to you. Tailor your interests by giving to one of these important budget segments:

  • Our Transportation 

  • Our Food Program

  • Our Instrument Support & Planning

  • Our Health & Wellness Program


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, fundraising is at the heart of what Troopers must do to achieve our budget requirements each year. Without your support, we do not exist. 

When most people consider the rising cost of drum corps, few mention that leasing buses can cost over $250,000. Help us get members safely down the road with a transportation donation.


Inflation is a real problem. Remember when the cost of eggs went up last year? Multiply that by 200 (EVERY DAY), and you can see how inflation can seriously impact our food budget. These are costs outside of our control, but feeding our members nutritious meals has never been more important. 


The supply chain and the loss of workers in manufacturing after the pandemic have made things difficult when it comes time for new instruments. A new brass line alone could cost more than $250,000 in today's economy (and that's if you can even get one without being on a three-year waiting list). In the meantime, maintenance & upkeep are a must to keep the corps sounding great. 


The physical demands of our program are more challenging than ever. We are also working with young people who may still be recovering from a world-wide shut down. Our health and wellness must have the staff, equipment, and medications necessary to take good care of our members and staff.

If you would like to make a payment via check, please mail to:

Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps

Attn: Giving Day

1801 East E Street

Casper, WY  82601

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