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Troopers were voted #4 most popular in the FloMarching DCI Fan Vote

Troopers became the first world class drum corps to perform at Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley.



Troopers were voted #1 at the DCI Southwestern Championship in the FloMarching Fan Vote.


Troopers achieved our highest score in DCI history on Semi-Finals night with an 87.425.

Troopers made finals in 2022 for the first time since 2009.

11th in General Effect at DCI Finals

11th in Percussion at DCI Finals

Troopers were voted #3 at the DCI World Championships in the FloMarching Fan Vote.

Troopers visual designer, Lindsey Schueller became the first female in DCI history to write drill for a Top 12 drum corps.

Troopers is the first corps to feature an electric cello in the history of DCI.

Our oil themed show featured the tallest set piece in DCI history, standing two stories high. "Trooper of the Year", Genevieve Batman performed her cello solo from the very top of the tower.


Troopers finish in 10th place at the DCI World Championship Finals

Troopers score an 89.475 at finals, their highest score in the DCI era.

First DCI corps to use a harmonica, performed by 2023 "Trooper of the Year" Jackson Campbell,

The coolest prop EVER!

Ranked 4th in the San Antonio FloMarching Fan Vote

Ranked 1st in the Allentown FloMarching Fan Vote by over 95%!


You are forever, VORACIOUS! As an alumni, I could not me MORE proud of you. Thank you.

Y'all made my heart stop and cry out of joy! Way to go!!!

You guys were so great!! Amazing shows! Def our #1 favorite!

Well done Troopers!!! Amazing show...amazing group!! Ya'll should be very proud!!! Thank you for sharing your story this summer! Cant wait for next year! Ya'll are my favorite!! Congratulations on this! Ya'll were absolute gold!!!

What a Season!!Thank you for bringing me back to Drum Corps!!

Came over from UK to support 2 of our players from a corps from UK who have been competing with Bluecoats. Can I please say that I was totally blown out by your show. It was the most imp-active, emotional, & innovative show that I saw/ have watched for many years. Good luck for 2023 & I hope to be in Indy to see it live again next year.

Your voracious persistence has paid off! Congratulations, and thank you for making generations of alumni cry tears of joy!! See you tonight!

They set the tone last night in the stadium. It was amazing.

What a great show. I'm sorry that last night was the first time I saw it (and not sooner) but glad I did. Hope to see them next year in the top 12.

What a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime performance!

The crowd (with me and my son in it) were giving a standing O a full 20 seconds before they finished. Amazing show.

Great Finals performance! Raw power and emotion. Thanks for bringing it to the fans! Welcome Back

Easily my favorite show I’ve ever seen live. Absolutely awe inspiring.

Just incredible. Favorite show of the season!

troop absolutely just threw down. Congrats on the season troop

This was my favorite show of the year!

Best show of the year. So much raw emotion.

This JUST DOES not get old!

They tapped the oil from the center X at Lucas Oil.

TWO WORDS: #OilSunburst

Glory, glory, hallelujah, Casper back on Saturday night. You made a lot of us long time drum corps fans very, very happy this season. And I am sure you made a bunch of new ones. Do not take your feet off the gas peddle. Hope to see you the second Saturday of August, 2023.

Hopefully I get to march here one day



Thank you for an amazing summer!

The staff was amazing to me, and they made me feel like this was the right place to be at!

The staff this year was truly spectacular, and a large part of why this was one of the best summers of my life!

Loved making history getting back into Top 12. Can’t wait to do more next year!

I loved my summer at the troopers, it was the best summer of my life.

Great year for an amazing age out. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. HLD >”<

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