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Dear Parents,


Since the very beginning of the our existence, parents have played a key role in the success of the Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps. Throughout the years, we have watched parents guide their children through our ranks. Sometimes, entire families. Many of those dedicated and supportive parents have stepped in to volunteer, join our board, and even become employees. Some even staying with the corps long after their children have aged out. One such individual is our Parent Liaison, Jen Kowalski whom you will all get to know over the course of this journey.


Anther couple in particular that stands out as a perfect example of this long time love of the Troopers is Ted and Traute Gilbert. They first brought their children into the Troopers in the early 1980's. all of their kids marched, and worked here. Since those beginnings, Ted went on to revolutionize the merchandise operation for the corps and serve as a long time board member (to this day). Traute practically invented the food truck concept and volunteered as a nurse and cook for decades. For over thirty years they became known as the Corps Mom and Dad. While no longer on the road, they still serve the organization from Casper to this day, as do their former marching kids.

This is a powerful example of how the Troopers is not just for your young people. Sometimes, without warning, it hooks the adults for life too. It might just happen to you!


Welcome to the Troopers family Parents! We hope you stay awhile.


Michael Gough

Executive Director

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All Troopers staff, board, and volunteers go through a series of checks and balances to ensure the safety of our marching members and colleagues. Comprehensive background checks are conducted on all adults who will be staying with the corps, and those are conducted prior to the start of the camp season and when new individuals come on board. Those background checks are conducted bi-annually, however we will be transitioning to an annual basis over the course of the next season.

In addition, our staff and adult membership are now required to complete trainings through SafeSport and the National Federation of State High School Associations that cover a wide range of topics that include basic band safety, protecting students from abuse, anti-harassment, implicit bias, concussion safety course, copyright compliance, anti-hazing, social media for students, and a specialized concussion training for students. We also conduct live and virtual presentations that include our corps attorney, board leadership, and special guests to help drive home the cultural requirements of our policies and procedures.

Live trainings are also conducted with select staff and leadership who will learn how to use an AED. These individuals will also be certified in first aid and CPR.

*Please note that we are continuing to add staff to our 2023 program. Not all of our positions are filled.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to get you answers!

MARY DUERKOP - Corps Director

HAILEY DAVIS - Assistant Director

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