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Volunteer Coordinator/Assistant Director
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Hailey is a school teacher by day, marching band enthusiast by night. She has always had a passion for the marching arts and has been a long time fan of drum corps. 

She grew up in Southern California where she participated in music programs from 5th grade all the way through her third year of college. 

She attended Chino High school where she played Tuba and was a part of the marching band and winter guard. While in college Hailey coached a local high school color guard team and participated in the college’s wind ensemble and concert band. 

She moved up to Southern Oregon where she finished her Bachelors and Masters in Education and began her teaching career. 

Being a long time fan of drum corps, but never marched in one, Hailey was determined to find a way to keep music a part of her life. On a whim, she saw a “volunteers needed” posting for the Troopers and decided to reach out. She was then welcomed into the Troopers family and got to experience working in a variety of avenues such as fitting and altering uniforms, sewing props, assisting the medical team, working on the food truck and more. After one memorable (and very exhausting) summer of volunteering with the Troopers for the 2021 season, she knew she wanted to be a part of it again. She was named as one of the "Volunteer of the year" award winners. When she was offered the position of Volunteer Coordinator she happily accepted and is extremely excited to be a part of the Troopers family for the 2022 season!


Dear Volunteers,

We are so thrilled to have you joining us this summer. The heartbeat of a drum corps is it's volunteers. Without you, the corps doesn't function. Meals cannot be served, vehicles cannot move, and uniforms cannot be fitted.

There is so much that happens in the summer that requires the kind dedication of people just like you.

While the purpose of our organization is to create an activity that serves our young adults, you will have fun too! Incredible memories will be made and deep friendships will be formed. You'll see incredible performances all summer long, and travel to locations you have waited your whole life to see.

As you begin your on boarding process, understand that every adult that participates with the organization must adhere to the same process. From the board of directors, all the way down to our drivers, each individual must follow the five steps on this page in order to be involved. I thank you for your time and patience as you work through these required on boarding steps. It is the way of the world, and the Troopers pride itself in operating the most above board drum corps in the world.

We believe in your talents and in your capacity to be true professionals.  Be the best version of yourself, and together let us teach the next generation of young people what honor, loyalty and dedication is all about.

With dignity & respect,

Michael Gough

Executive Director, Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps



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