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For 65 years the Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps has been dedicated to educating young people.  We fulfill this mission by instilling in our members music and performance skills through the experience of participating in the drum and bugle corps activity, as well as life skills developed through experiencing the self-discipline and teamwork that is unique to our activity. During the competitive summer season, the 165 members of the Troopers will live, eat and learn together.  They will receive the highest level of instruction available and perform in the most competitive musical marching activity ever seen.


The members of the Troopers are our most important asset, and their safety is our highest priority.  To that end, the Troopers are governed by a strict code of conduct for all participants, staff, and volunteers and take any allegation regarding improper behavior of any kind seriously.  The Troopers also have policies and procedures in place governing the proper reporting and investigation of any such allegations.  The Troopers are dedicated to maintaining a supportive, safe, and healthy environment for all members, staff, and volunteers.  Those interested in reading these policies may find them here.

-Troopers Board of Directors


To provide a youth activity with positive educational experiences that promote the growth and development of specific life skills consistent with the Trooper Tradition of Excellence.


To uphold the Troopers' motto, “Honor, Loyalty, and Dedication”.
To win and lose with grace and dignity.
To know my best qualities can lie in a purpose greater than my own.
To exemplify the high standards of the Troopers.
To represent the corps with integrity and decorum.





Updated 12/06/2022

For additional policies and more, please download and read our staff and member manuals.

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Any Member may raise a concern about compliance with Troopers’ policies or applicable law, as well as Member health, safety, and welfare at any time. Concerns may be voiced to the Member Experience Liaison, any member of the Care Team, Staff, Corps Director, or the Executive Director, through whichever avenue the Member feels the most comfortable with. Members may also make a complaint via whistleblower platforms with:


Troopers Whistleblower Platform

  1. Call the Direct Access hotline, 866-494-3161 or log onto and

  2. Click on “DirectAccess Login”

  3. Enter PIN number 4762

  4. Provide a detailed report of witnessed activity including date and location in a secure and confidential voicemail.

These whistleblower platforms will be used:

  • To provide information, cause information to be provided, or otherwise assist in an investigation regarding any conduct which the reporter reasonably believes constitutes a violation of state or federal law applicable to the Troopers or the Troopers’ policies and procedures, when the information or assistance is provided to, or the investigation is conducted by:

○ any state or federal regulatory or law enforcement agency;

○ any lawfully constituted investigative body; or a person with supervisory authority over the individual, or such other person working for the Troopers who has the authority to investigate, discover, or discipline misconduct.


  • To file, cause to be filed, testify, participate in, or otherwise assist in a proceeding filed or about to be filed relating to an alleged violation of state or federal law applicable to the Troopers.


Reports of real or potential violations of law or violations of the policies and procedures of the Troopers shall be reported to the Executive Director, Corps Director, or Member Experience Liaison.


Retaliation against any individual for the good-faith reporting of real or potential compliance and policy violations is cause for immediate and appropriate actions, up to and including summary dismissal from the Troopers. No Staff, Volunteer, Member, contractor, subcontractor, or agent of the Troopers shall discharge, demote, suspend, threaten, harass, or in any other manner knowingly and intentionally discriminate against any individual in the terms and conditions of their relationship with the Troopers because of any act done by the individual:




Corps Members, Staff, and Volunteers are required to report any violations of Troopers policies and procedures, as well as potential violations of the law. If a formal complaint is made either through DCI’s whistleblower system, or through DirectAccess, the following process will occur:


If complaint was made through the DCI Whistleblower Platform:

  • The Troopers will receive notice of the complaint. The Troopers will be required to provide a written response and final report to DCI.

  • The Troopers have no control over how or when DCI chooses to contact complainants or what information they share.


If complaint was made through the Direct Access Platform:

  • The Member message is transcribed into a text document by the DirectAccess Team.

  • The Member’s anonymous report is provided to the Corps Director, Executive Director, Corps Attorney, and the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.

  • The Troopers will not share the results of any investigation with any other entity than DCI or law enforcement, if necessary.


Next steps:

  • The Troopers will refer the complaint to an outside attorney having no affiliation with the Troopers, who will conduct as thorough an investigation as possible based on the information in the complaint. This attorney will review the allegations, interview the complainant (if they choose to identify themselves), interview those individuals mentioned in the complaint and any witnesses who may come to light as a result of the investigation, and review Troopers policies and procedures and applicable laws.

  • The attorney will then generate a report with a determination of whether the allegations are substantiated, unsubstantiated, or impossible to determine.

  • This report will be provided to the Troopers Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, and the Corps Attorney.

  • The Corps Director, in consultation with the Corps Attorney, Executive Director, and Executive Committee of the Board of Directors will determine what, if any, actions need to be taken, including but not limited to appropriate discipline of Members, Staff or Volunteers, as well as reporting any potential crimes to the appropriate law enforcement agency. The Troopers will cooperate with any law enforcement agency that conducts an official law enforcement investigation based on such a report. If the complaint concerns the Corps Director or the Executive Director, the Board Chairperson, in consultation with the Corps Attorney and the Executive Committee, will follow this same process.

  • A copy of any report will be forwarded to DCI.

  • Once the report has been reviewed by the Troopers Board and/or DCI, the complainant will be contacted (if the complainant has chosen to identify themself) and given the report’s conclusion. To the extent allowed by applicable law, other parts of the report may be revealed to the complainant as appropriate.


All complaints are treated as confidential, and all those interviewed are instructed not to discuss the allegations with anyone who does not “need to know” (i.e. their own legal counsel, a spouse, a parent) or a law enforcement agency when appropriate or required.




It is important to understand the limits of what the Troopers can and cannot do in an investigation.

  • Troopers can only require current Members, employees, Staff, and Volunteers to participate in an investigation. While the Troopers can make their own internal decisions regarding discipline, it cannot control or make any decisions for DCI, any other corps, or any outside agency.

  • Thorough investigations take time, and often solutions cannot be implemented immediately.

  • If an emergency situation exists, or if someone’s health, safety, and welfare is at risk, the Corps Director is empowered to make on the spot decisions. However, other solutions may take additional time to implement.

  • The Troopers respect your right to make a complaint in whatever manner you are most comfortable with, anonymously, through Direct Access, through the DCI Whistleblower platform, or with your Member Advocate. However, if you want to learn the outcome of an investigation or want someone to speak with you directly, the Troopers will not be able to provide that closure without knowing who made the complaint.

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