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For summer 2024, the Troopers estimate they will spend - at MINIMUM - $110,000 on food alone. Our mobile food truck serves two hundred and twenty people, four times per day, from the opening of spring training, until the summer tour comes to a close in August. It is one of the largest expenses that we incur as we work to sustain a healthy group of teenagers on their summer journey. 

Due to the overwhelming physical activity that our students endure, it is estimated that they will burn calories equivalent to a marathon runner... each day. 

Your support in this Sponsor a Meal Program will have a major impact on the health and sustainability of our students as they perform each night throughout America. Your donations allow our food crew is able to follow a carefully crafted plan to prepare the nutrient dense meals that support our Troopers. 

*NOTE regarding photos for meal sponsors on social media: Daily photos are NOT guaranteed. Specific date or other requests may be submitted but are not guaranteed.  We pledge to recognize all sponsors in some manner, even if not with daily photos.  

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