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This summer the Troopers will spend over $120,000 on food alone. Our mobile food truck serves two hundred and twenty people, four times per day until the summer tour comes to a close in August. It is one of the largest expenses that we incur as we work to sustain a healthy group of teenagers on their summer journey. 

Due to the overwhelming physical activity that our students endure, it is estimated that they will burn calories equivalent to a marathon runner... each day. 

Your support in this Sponsor a Meal Program will have a major impact on the health and sustainability of our students as they perform each night throughout America.


What an amazing year! Generous friends, family, alumni & fans have given us a record-breaking year for meal sponsorships. At this time, nearly all of our meals are covered. 


At this time, only a limited number of lunch & dinner sponsorships remain. Breakfast & snack sponsorships are covered for the remainder of the season. As of Aug. 1, we welcome donations but cannot fulfill requests for specific dates. We will share the sponsorship photos when possible but may miss some of the late-arriving sponsorships in our PR work. (We ask for your understanding and patience for the remainder of the season.)

We appreciate your generosity. Our budget remains strained from escalated fuel prices and overall inflation. If a meal sponsorship is not available, we welcome your donations to our general fund or to our fuel fund. If you have questions, please contact our Development Coordinator, Samantha Huston, at

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