Nominations for the 2020 Troopers Hall of Fame are now open. We have extended the nomination period through April at which time we will determine next steps for the 2020 Hall of Fame in light of recent events concerning COVID-19.


2020 Troopers Hall of Fame - Call for Nominations


The Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps Hall of Fame (HOF) annually recognizes individuals for distinguished service, contributing to the health, growth, and advancement of the Troopers as a civic youth organization in support of the Troopers’ mission:


"To provide a youth activity with positive educational experiences that promotes the growth and development of specific life skills consistent with the Trooper Tradition of Excellence"


This is the highest honor given by the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps to its former members, administrators, instructional staff, volunteers, and significant supporters.


Program Information:


Anybody may nominate an individual or a family for consideration to the HOF. 


The Troopers Alumni Association Committee (TAAC) selects the final HOF honorees annually from the list of nominees, subject to final approval by the Troopers Board of Directors. 


The Troopers will induct the new 2020 Troopers HOF at a special ceremony in Casper, WY during the week of the Drums Along the Rockies – Casper Edition show (July 10th-11th, 2020). 



Honorees for the Hall of Fame may fall under any one or more of the following categories. Each honoree shall have completed a minimum of three (3) competitive seasons of service to the Troopers:


Marching Member: 

Eligible after two (2) years past their age-out season (whether they marched their age-out season or not). 



Officially hired as an administrator or instructional staff member – either paid or unpaid – either currently active or inactive.



Individual or family volunteering to support the corps in any capacity, either currently active or inactive.


Nominations may also be submitted within the following special category:


Special Achievement: 

Special significant contributor to the mission and ideals of the Troopers – in any capacity for any amount of time – either currently active or inactive. 


Nomination process:


Step 1) – Nomination form:


Write a nomination that includes the following information:

1) Your name and contact information
2) Nominee’s name(s) and contact information 
3) Nominee Category (or Multiple Categories) - Marching member; Administrator/Staff; Volunteer; Special Achievement
4) Nominee’s years of involvement
5) Describe why you are nominating this person or family.
6) Describe in detail the nominee’s career with the Troopers:

**Be very specific about the nominee’s activities with the Troopers and detailed, effective contributions to the Troopers** 

**Include specific projects completed, milestones achieved, and concrete results for the organization**

**Feel free to include stories illustrating this individual’s positive impact and testimony from others**


Step 2) – Letters of support


Enlist two (2) other individuals to write letters in support of the individual or family being nominated, and include both letters of support with your nomination submission. 


**It is required to have at least two (2) letters-of-support for each individual or family nominated** 


Step 3) – Submit Your Nomination


The deadline to submit nominations has been extended through April. 


Send your nomination to: 


If you have further questions, contact Lee Engle at 503-410-9814.

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