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Submission Process

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Nomination, Selection and Induction: 

Anyone may nominate an individual or a family to be considered for induction into the Troopers’ Hall of Fame. 

The Sabers Circle Leadership Team (formerly known as the Troopers Alumni Association Committee) along with previous Hall of Fame inductees that are still living, are eligible to participate in the voting process to select the final HOF honorees. This occurs annually from the list of nominees, subject to final approval by the Troopers Board of Directors. 

Eligible voting members will be provided with the name of each nominee, along with their nomination letter and corresponding letters of support to aid in their voting decision. They will also be provided with a digital ballot that will enable them to place their vote anonymously. Voting will take place by Monday, April 1st, 2024. 

The Troopers induct the yearly class of HOF inductees at a special ceremony. Often, that event is held in Casper, WY at a time and place determined by the Troopers’ schedule. (Actual location, date, etc., subject to change based on that year’s tour logistics.) In some years, when influenced by tour or other special activities within the Troopers organization, the induction may be held in other locations. Wherever the ceremony is held, the date and location will be announced when details become available. 

Qualifications and Categories: 

Nominees shall have completed a minimum of three (3) competitive seasons of service to the Troopers. 

The initial general nomination categories shall be: 

  • Heritage – contributors up through 1999 

  • Contemporary – 2000 to present day 

Suggestions for potential honorees may be marching members, administrators, staff, donors, or volunteers. The suggested time of service should be at least 3 years. Individuals who have made a special significant contribution to the mission and ideals of the Troopers – in any capacity – may be nominated without the three-year consideration. Nominations of individuals who may have served in multiple capacities are also highly encouraged. But to be clear, ANYONE can be nominated.

Nomination Process:

Step 1) Nomination Specifics – submit in writing the following information:

  1. Name and contact information for the person making the nomination 

  2. Nominee’s name(s) and contact information 

  3. Nominee Category: Legacy or Contemporary 

  4. Nominee’s years of involvement 

  5. Describe why you are nominating this person or family 

  6. Describe in detail the nominee’s contributions/association with Troopers. Be very specific about the nominee’s activities with the Troopers and detailed; detail the nominee’s effective contributions to the Troopers. Include specific projects completed, milestones achieved, and concrete results for the organization. Stories illustrating this individual’s positive impact and testimony from others may also be included. 

Step 2) Letters of Support 

Enlist two (2) other individuals to write letters in support of the individual or family being nominated and include both letters of support with the nomination submission. A minimum of TWO (2) supporting letters are required for any nomination. More may be attached if available. 

Step 3) Nomination Submission 

To submit your nomination, please fill out the submission form below. If you have any difficulty with the form or attaching the letters of support, please reach out to for assistance or an alternative method of submission.

For 2024, the submission deadline is Friday, March 15, 2024.

For further questions, please email us at, or call Lee Engle at 307-263-8042.

If the submission form does not appear below, click the following link: 

If you are still having technical difficulties, please reach out to for an alternate way to submit your nomination.

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