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Calling all Members, Staff, Alumni, Family, Friends and Fans


Troopers need your assistance in reaching more potential members. Do you have connections to marching band or indoor programs? Do you have access to a music department or rehearsal space bulletin boards? Do you know music educators you can call on for help? 


For our family members who do, you can help us when you PRINT ONE, HANG ONE. 


Download one of these two recruitment posters. Hang your poster in an appropriate marching-arts-related setting before the end of November. Take a picture of the hanging poster and share on social media with the hashtag #troopersprint1hang1.


2022 Troopers hopefuls who share a picture of their displayed poster and describe where it is will be entered to win one free camp for either January, February, March or April. Members who submit the photo and display information to Troopers Marketing @ will be entered. Troopers will draw for this one-time offering from among those who Print 1, Hang 1.


Print/hang/post/share by Dec. 15. Submit poster documentation before Dec. 18 to be eligible for the camp fee drawing.

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