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April Camp in Cheyenne, Wyoming!

We are very excited to announce that the corps will return to Wyoming for this year's April camp. If you are a parent, volunteer, staff or marching member of the 2018 season, please note the change in camp geography and read the statement below:

Please be aware that the March camp is still being held in Mesquite, Texas. However, the upcoming April camp is being held in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

When planning for April note that we will offer a free shuttle service from Denver International to the camp location. All flights MUST be in to Denver International by 1pm on Friday, April 27th. Camp will be excused at 1pm on Sunday, April 29th per the Corps Director. All flights going out will need to be after 5pm to allow for shuttle transportation and any issues like traffic, bad weather, etc....

There cannot be any late flights in or early flights out or those individuals will be responsible for arranging their own transportation via Green Ride to the Cheyenne depot at which time we will pick you up from the depot in Cheyenne. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS as the corps will not be able to make runs back and forth to Denver.

If you have any questions concerning the April camp please contact Kristy Jackson at

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