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New Equipment Truck on the Way!

The Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps are excited to announce the addition and replacement of their equipment trailer. In the late fall it was determined that the time has come to retrofit an all new trailer. With the advancements in the activity, increased size of the drum corps, the expansion of sound and prop equipment and the need to remain compliant with Department of Transportation requirements, we have begun retrofitting the largest equipment truck in Troopers 60 year history. While the trailer itself has been donated, construction is currently underway at the Troopers Center in Casper, Wyoming. To support our efforts and to help get the Troopers rolling this summer, we need your help raising the needed funds to fully complete the construction. Please give at:

"After 12 years of service and countless miles it is time to retire our equipment truck and start anew. In order to ensure the continued growth for future Trooper generations, we have been gifted a larger trailer and are currently outfitting it to accommodate our needs. We are thanking you in advance, our loyal alumni, fans, and supporters to help us in our efforts with the growth and future success of the Troopers."

-Fred Morris, Corps Director

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