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2019 Admin Team Announced

They are the heart and soul of the logistical side of the organization. They plan the tour, fit the uniforms, provide the food, coordinate volunteers, answer questions from parents and help the members when they are down. They are parents, alumni, and fans. They are the administrators of the Troopers.

Jim Jones, the founder of the Troopers once said "it takes a lot of love. This is on the part of the staff who love drum corps and love the kids they work with..."

Please join us in welcoming the 2019 administration team:

Alexander Mondlock

Operations Manager

Alex comes to the Troopers as the Operations Manager for the 2019 season. His expertise in operations and logistics, paired with five seasons with the Phantom Regiment as a Member and Support Staff, make him a strong addition to the leadership team. As a graduate from Texas Woman’s University, he oversees a recruiting company as Vice President of Operations where his skill set will transfer seamlessly into the Summer tour. Since aging out, Alex has continued his travels touching every state except Hawaii as well as seven countries overseas. He continues to enjoy life on the road and is looking forward to a thriving career with the Troops.

Additional New & Returning Administrators

To read bios of each individual CLICK HERE

Mike Ottoes - Executive Director

Kristy Jackson - Corps Director

Fred Morris - Senior Executive Advisor

Michael Gough - Marketing Director

Sue Masterson - Development Director

Mathew Krum - Bingo Manager

Alexander Mondlock - Operations Manager

Hollie Jo Carr - Assistant Tour Manager

Jeremy Cantu - Food Services Manager

Shannon Faith - Volunteer Coordinator

Jen Kowalski - Parent Liaison

Tina Boyd - Uniform Manager

Dieter Wiselogel - Digital Media Creative

Brandon Dill - Administrative Assistant

Emilie Bradshaw - Administrative Assistant

Cristyn Boyd - Administrative Assistant

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