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In Memoriam: Dave Shaw & President Bush Remembered

Today we not only mourn the loss of President George H.W. Bush, of whom we were honored to have performed before back in the 1990's but also at his son's inauguration in 2001. We also mourn the loss of Dave Shaw. Dave was instrumental in the annals of Trooper history. As an instructor in the early days, he sat with the legendary Fred Sanford on a late night journey through Nebraska where the two penned the infamous words of the Trooper's Corps Song. "Promised land, where dreams are big and hearts are bold..." As Dave sets out to the promised land, we look back to this video from our 60th anniversary celebration where the largest group of alumni in Trooper history gathered with current members to sing the words of Dave Shaw. To President Bush, thank you for the honor of allowing us the opportunity to feel important and play music for a President. To Dave Shaw, thank you for giving us your words of wisdom that have carried the emotional thread of the corps through it's storied time on this Earth. "Should we rise or fall, we will still be proud."

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