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Corps Director's March Report

Last month, the organization experienced amazing growth. As we begin to see all the pieces come together, it has become more apparent that a very special season is upon us.

At the beginning of March, the corps secured housing for our month long Spring Training just outside of Boise, Idaho. Starting on May 18th, the corps will spend two weeks at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, ID. Following a free day on June 1st, the corps will move to the Fruitland School District where we will finish putting together our 2019 program. A huge thanks to NNU and Troopers alum Joel Williams for helping us find a home this spring!

I traveled to Boise and toured the facilities at the end of March and was blown away by the quality of both venues. NNU is a beautiful campus and the members and staff will receive accommodations at a world class level. Fruitland has field space as far as the eye can see. The free day venues that have been selected will provide an immense amount of options for their big day off!

Be on the lookout this month for announcements concerning a free educational clinic at NNU for all area band students, details on our June 11th tribute to Jim Jones/History Night which will include a brand new documentary produced by Michael Gough, and a free Father's Day debut performance at Fruitland High School on June 16th.

To help get everyone excited for this history making Idaho stay, you can now pre-order "Spring Training" T-Shirts! Go to to get your's today!



On another note, we are very excited to introduce our new health & medical team! As we all know, drum corps today is demanding both physically and mentally. This year, for the first time, we have taken steps to be among the most elite in the activity by bringing on board true professionals in these fields. I am very happy and honored to welcome:

Jim Olea, Health Team Consultant

Stephanie Elmore, MD, Consultant

Elizabeth Gough, LMSW, Wellness Coach

David Brangaccio, ATC, Athletic Trainer

For details on this team CLICK HERE.



The March camp was incredible. One of the best in years. Our design team (John Meehan, Paul Rennick, and Greg Dalton) came in and worked all weekend with our members and spent time crafting our amazing 2019 program. The Troopers have a different sound this year. It is aggressive and hungry. There is a general feeling that the Troopers of 2019 are here to compete. We will be presenting a competitive program that is relevant in the year that we are performing. We are jumping into the mix in full force this year. The handcuffs are off, and the members are committed to writing their own history.

We are very excited to welcome the color guard at our April camp. If you are interested in joining the color guard this year (and it's a good year to do so), register as soon as possible at



Our number one goal has been about establishing an exceptional member experience. It is my belief that competitive success will be a natural byproduct if we, the organization, provide the members with the best resources. The best places to rehearse, the best instruction, the best design, the best medical and health resources and so on. Their well being is paramount to the success of our organization. If they want to be here, they will want to succeed.

Where we could use your help right now? We need drivers for both our semi trucks, our staff vans, and our box truck. CLICK HERE for info.

While our legacy and legend influences who we are, we remember the corps as it was in the late sixties. They were hungry, relative to the times they performed in. They came in full force with a mission to deliver. They did not try to be what they once were. They delivered who they were in that moment and in so doing, revolutionized modern drum corps of that era. We strive to do that once again today. If we are to honor our past, it should not be by recreating it at every turn. It should be by living up to it's example, choosing to be The 2019 Troopers. I can see no better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our National Championship title, than to be electric in the times we live in now.

Ladies and gentlemen, a warning... The 2019 Troopers are coming!

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