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Announcing our Operations Team

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

It takes a cavalry of dedicated fans, parents, volunteers, alumni, health professionals, logistical crews, seamstresses, and meal providers to pull off a modern drum corps tour. While we still have a few positions to fill, we are pleased to announce the bulk of our 2021 behind the scenes operations team!

"I couldn't be more excited about the people we have assembled and for those that have stepped forward to serve. In addition to the roles we've had in the past, we've also established some new positions that will help make the 2021 Troopers one of the best run operations we've ever had."
-Michael Gough, Troopers Corps Director

Below is the current listing of our team. To read through each biography CLICK HERE


Michael Ottoes - Executive Director

Michael Gough - Corps Director

Sue Masterson - Development Director

Scott Bradford - Operations Director

Hollie Jo Carr - Facilities Coordinator

Katie Two Dogs - Media Manager

Health and Wellness Team:

Jim Olea - Health Team Consultant

Dr. Stephanie Elmore, MD - Health & Wellness Consultant

Dr. Kevin Kloesel - Meteorologist

Spencer Adkins - Meteorologist

David Brangaccio, ATC

Adam Guthrie - Nurse

Karen Nichols - Nurse

Arlington Hayne - Paramedic

Elizabeth Gough - Mental Health Consultant

Tour Team:

Braden Millard - Logistics Team

Dana Goelz - Food Truck Manager

Megan Rodriguez - Plant Based Lifestyle Consultant

Bradley Burton - Food Services Assistant

Jack Nevin - Food Services Assistant

Tina Boyd - Uniform Manager

Liz Hirschler - Uniform Crew

Karen Nichols - Uniform Crew

Jen Kowalski - Parent Liaison/Troopers Fan Club

Ashton Wallace - Van Driver


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