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Deadline Looming to Let Your DCI Ticket Purchases Benefit the Troopers

Did you know that securing your seats to selected DCI events through Troopers’ ticket block sales supports America’s Corps?


The Troopers have ticket blocks for San Antonio, both nights in Allentown and all three days at DCI World Championships in Indianapolis.


When you purchase tickets in the Troopers block, you can….


--Receive access to seating locations not otherwise available

--Benefit from block pricing

--Connect with other Troopers’ fans at shows

--Financially support America’s Corps


Here are the details:


Tickets are electronic for your convenience through TicketMaster.


Tickets are on sale now through May 31 or until they sell out. Group ticket pricing offers a slightly discounted price from purchasing through DCI/Ticketmaster directly.


Links to Each Troopers’ Block:

NOTE: Troopers D&BC only performs on Saturday in Allentown.





--Click link for the performance you want

--Then click UNLOCK button near upper right (look for a lock graphic)

--Type in the Troopers’ specific code (HLD2024)

--Once code is accepted, ONLY our section(s) comes up

--Use the listing or zoom in to choose among the BLUE SEATS

--Choose the seats you want within the block


--Complete Order


Other Blocks at Other Shows:

At this time, no other blocks at any events are being planned. However, you can individually arrange group pricing at some shows individually if you think you will have at least 20 seats. There is not benefit to our corps. Troopers are unable to arrange these options.


If you have questions regarding the Troopers’ blocks at the shows listed above, email:


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