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Duerkop & Teel to Dish on Excitement that Defines Troopers' Experience

“Trusted information from experts at the top of the drum corps activity.”

That is how Marching Arts Education describes the presentations and resources it offers to the marching arts community.

This week, a webinar from Marching Arts Education is exactly where you can hear from two of the talented educators now on the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps staff.

On Wednesday, March 2, Mary Duerkop, Trooper’s Brass Caption Head, and Lauren Teel, Trooper’s Percussion Caption Head, will share advice on creating a great member experience.

Tim Hinton at Marching Arts Education believes these dynamic young women - known for their passion about both education and the marching arts - are well versed when it comes to creating a culture of excellence and inclusivity. Both are now immersed at the Troopers, an organization with a history of strong culture and a current focus on building on and advancing that culture in all new ways.

“Everyone was buzzing about the Troopers last summer, and we think it’s one of the corps that everyone is most excited to see in 2022,” said Hinton. “Can they sustain the excitement created last year?”

Hinton believes there will be no doubt of the answer to that question after Marching Arts Education talks with Lauren and Mary. Additionally, Hinton hopes to cover the following topics as well:

What is the magic in the Troopers’ off-season that makes the excellence possible? What is the education team Duerkop and Teel have created going to do to replicate last year’s success?

“We can’t wait to hear from them,” Hinton said.

To learn what these leaders of the Troopers’ music education team think is in store for the 2022 Troopers and their program “VorAcious,” sign up to watch the Marching Arts Education webinar for free:

The webinar begins at 6:00 p.m. EST. Hinton noted that a recording of the webinar will be posted the next day.

“Anyone who can’t watch live can still watch the entire webinar,” added Hinton. “It is free for everyone to watch for one week, then is free only for members at Marching Arts Education.”


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