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Enhancing the 2022 Trooper Experience as a Parent or Fan

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Easy Ways for Families and Fans to Support our 2022 Troopers


Our intrepid culinary crew needs more hands on the Food Truck throughout the summer, especially in July. Use a few vacation days or some personal time to have an experience that connects you to the Troopers. One day; one week; one month…We welcome whatever time you can join us!

Between now and move-ins, we will share highlights about volunteering on our social media outlets. We’ll answer many frequently asked questions. Check out the great info in the coming days.

Or, to get started, visit the link that lets you join the Troopers’ volunteer party!


In a normal year, Troopers spend about $120,000-$140,000 to feed the corps 60,000 meals. Enter 2022! Ongoing price hikes mean Sponsor-A-Meal opportunities have never been more crucial.

Consider sharing the sponsor-a-meal opportunity. This program can be a great way to include others or recognize an event you might miss like a birthday.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see more details. And, once the corps comes together, we’ll share meal photos to thank our meal sponsors.

Check out the details here:

Shower the Food Truck with Love

As part of our commitment to offering an unparalleled member experience, the Troopers have been working to elevate our food program.

Culinary coordinator Dana Goelz noted: “Last year I made it my goal to make more homemade items. This improves taste, allows us to tailor the flavors to meet the taste of the corps while keeping our meals healthier. As an added bonus, it is also more economical.”

With food costs skyrocketing, supplementing and supporting our Food Truck is more important than ever.

If you can’t volunteer on the truck this summer, consider supporting the Food Truck Shower! We have an Amazon wish list to help make it a little easier for volunteers to make four meals a day for 200 people throughout summer … all from our kitchen on wheels!

Here’s a link to the Food Truck’s Amazon Wish List.

We’ve got more details on Dana’s Food Truck mission and plans to share in the coming days.

Truck Shower Deadline: June 4.

A Little Holiday Love…

We’re hope to reinstate a summer holiday celebration. This former bit of jolliness – previously known as Christmas in July — offers a little themed fun on a long day of rehearsal. We’re targeting a day in late June at a time our members will likely appreciate a pick-me-up.

We need contributions of themed items and stocking stuffers. You – our holiday spirits - will buy items and send to Casper for event coordination. Watch for more details and a description of needs in the coming days.

We’ll be looking to have items in Casper by June 22.

Volunteers will begin putting together packages the week of June 20.

Have questions? Email

An Alumni Offering Members Will Appreciate…

The leadership of our alumni (the Sabers Circle) and Troopers’ Development are coordinating the 2022 On The Road Again campaign. This uniquely Troopers program pairs members of the Long Blue Line with current marching members, You’ll see more details between now and History Night in mid-June.

Alumni can learn more about getting involved on the alumni website. Deadline for alumni to sponsor a member is June 12.

UPDATE: As of 6/14, all members are paired!

Looking Ahead to the Rocky Mountain Rivalry…

Rocky Mountain Rivalry is a friendly fundraising competition pitting the Troopers, the Mandarins and the Blue Knights in a bit of good natured rivalry around the time of our home show. For the Troopers, this is one of our largest fundraisers of the year.

RMR will run early- to mid-July. Promotions start in June. Donations, no matter the size, help. A great way to support the effort will be to share, share, share the campaign as it is happening and get others involved.

We’ll share ways you can help us regain the 2022 Rocky Mountain Rivalry title. Stay tuned for more details in June & early July.

This summer is shaping up to be an amazing season for the Troopers, a season full of possibilities. We love our families, fans and alumni. We invite you to be involved in a variety of ways. We understand current realities mean you might need to carefully consider what you can do. Therefore, we hope this overview helps you to plan. We encourage your connection and involvement. Pick the efforts that speak to you or that mean the most to you and dive right in. Help share the news on the things you can’t take on yourself. You matter and can make a difference in the success of the Troopers.

We hope to connect with you this summer!


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