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Meet the 2022 Brass Team!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

We are pleased to announce our 2022 Brass Team under the continued leadership of Brass Caption Head Mary Duerkop. Earlier this week, we also announced our design & visual teams.

The Brass Team includes:

Mary Duerkop, Jeremy Basso, Patrick Keeley, Will Lovan, Samuel Elmore, Carol Weirich, Richard Tuomi, Celia Solano, Braden Barrentine, Christopher Hines, Andrew Reader, Gabe Gallegos, Matthew Vaadi, Jacob Picht, and Dajia Simmons

For complete bios CLICK HERE

"There is no doubt that the Troopers hornline was something special last year. If you happened to miss the opening hit of 2021, have a listen below. Under Mary's continued leadership, I have no doubt that the Troopers hornline will go even further in 2022." -Corps Director Michael Gough

To become a member in 2022 CLICK HERE

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