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Showering Troopers’ Food Truck with Love

Troopers’ culinary director, Dana Goelz, has been hard at work planning nutritious and tasty meals for the 2022 season. To bring her plans to life, Goelz needs support of parents, fans and even alumni.

First, volunteers are needed throughout the summer. Help with a meal, a day, a tour stop, a week or a month. The food truck embraces any hands ready to pour a little love into feeding the 2022 Troopers.

Here’s the volunteer link to get started:

Can’t volunteer? Then support the food truck in another innovative way that Goelz recently created: a 2022 Food Truck Shower.

When asked about the shower idea, Dana shared the following:

“Our corps has always been fed very well. Last year I made it my goal to make more homemade items. Scratch-made offerings improve taste, allowing us to tailor the flavors to meet the taste of the corps while keeping our meals healthier. As an added bonus, it is also more economical.”

Goelz added that the current precarious economic reality could impact the food truck. She believes that skyrocketing food costs mean the focus on homemade dishes over pre-packaged or prepared food service products is more important than ever before. However, scratch-cooking is also more labor intensive

With an eye on her food budget and getting yummy food prepared with a skeleton crew, Goelz is seeking help with her mission to continually elevate the Troopers’ culinary experience. To support the priority on scratch-made dishes, she has created an Amazon Wish list.

“The addition of the items on the food truck shower registry will give us the ability to make more homemade recipes,” said Goelz.

To support the 2022 Food Truck Shower, you can peruse Dana’s wish list here:

Dana has set a deadline of June 4 for purchases.

Items purchased from the list can be shipped to:

Troopers D&BC

1801 East E Street

Casper, WY 82601

Or, when you get to check-out, select GIFT and the Troopers’ address should populate.

DON’T FORGET to use Amazon Smile and designate Troopers as your charity if possible.

If you find Amazon sold out of items, you can purchase items elsewhere. Items purchased from the list can be shipped per the above. There should be an option in the shower wish list to indicate that you are buying the item elsewhere to help with number tracking and to keep the food truck crew up to date. Or, let food truck know by emailing:

Goelz finished: “Thank you so much for donating to the health and happiness of our members. HLD”


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