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The Scoop on Bus Wars

What is Alumni Bus Wars?

Fans of the Troopers may have noticed some social media buzz about a program called Alumni Bus Wars. If you’re wondering about Bus Wars, here’s a glimpse for those who are unfamiliar with the project.

Alumni Bus Wars is a fundraiser inspired by Troopers’ Development and coordinated by members of the Troopers Alumni Association’s leadership. It is an online campaign conducted primarily by social media in the hope of bringing together alumni for fun while raising money for the A Corps. It recalls early days of national touring in the world of drum corps when friendly competition between the sections often presented itself in good-hearted rivalry between buses. In fact, good-natured bus rivalry is a member experience that often connects marching alumni no matter when they marched.

Troopers’ Alumni Bus Wars encourages alumni to donate in support of their favorite bus representing a caption of brass, percussion or guard. This good-natured competition occurs in the doldrums of winter to remind everyone that the fun of summer is coming. It is also a way to bring generations of marching members together and unite them in their love of Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps and marching music performance.

While Bus Wars is geared toward alumni, anyone may donate. Know someone who loves color guard? They are welcome to support the guard bus. Want to offer thanks for the fabulous experience your son or daughter had as a playing member of the Troopers? You are welcome to support a bus in his or her honor. Anyone can hop on to support a bus. Choose your color: red, yellow or blue. Choose your section: brass, guard or percussion.

Donations are tax deductible and can be made at:

The fundraising goal is $6,000, Proceeds from this lively bit of competitive fundraising will benefit the Troopers’ instrument fund.


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