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Troopers 2022: The VorAcious Reveal Slated for Feb. 3 via Zoom

Join us for “Troopers 2022: The VorAcious Reveal.” This Zoom Virtual Event will take place on February 3. A limited number of tickets are now on sale. Proceeds will benefit the Troopers’ Scholarship Fund.

The VorAcious Reveal will showcase a variety of program details and special summer offerings. Hear from Program Director Tim Snyder and Corps Director Mike Gough. Get a first listen of music from our 2022 show opener. See early drill chart drafts. Learn about special 2022 season plans from exciting free days to special offerings available this year only.

Tickets are $7.00 and are available on the Troopers’ website. Only 300 will be sold. Proceeds from the virtual event will support the corps’ tuition scholarship program.


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