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Visual Team Announcement!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

We are pleased to announce our 2022 Visual Team. Visual Caption Head Andrew Clark leads this incredible team of professionals.

Yesterday, we announced the addition of Lindsey Schueller to the Design Team as our new Visual Designer. Her close creative relationship with Andrew will play a significant role in streamlining the Troopers visual program from top to bottom.

The visual team includes: Andrew Clark, Paul Champion, Trevor Schachner, Lamont Hall, Corey Burrow, Rob Clark, Katie Zheng, Akash Watsa, Reid Griffin, Josh Singleton, Robby Chapa, and Brendan Whitworth.

"I am excited to welcome this impressive group of instructors to the Troopers. Visually speaking, the sky is now the limit. 2022 is surely going to look amazing!" -Corps Director Michael Gough

To read the bios of the visual team CLICK HERE

To become a Trooper CLICK HERE


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