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Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Mini-Rivalry Knockout! This exciting fundraiser pits five teams representing different segments of our organization against each other to raise funds for the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps. Here's how to get involved and the rules of the game:


  • Team Mary - Representing the "A" Corps

  • Team Larry - Representing the Keagle Family

  • Team Harry - Representing Troopers Bingo

  • Team Bernie - Representing Troopers Alumni

  • Team Tommy - Representing Troopers Legacy Corps


How to Participate:

  1. Start a Facebook Fundraiser:

    • Go to Facebook and start a fundraiser benefiting the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps.

    • Change the name of the fundraiser to match your team's name (found on the Teams page).

    • Download and use the appropriate team cover graphic from the Teams page.

    • Set the fundraiser date range from July 5-13.

    • For more info on how to create a facebook fundraiser that supports the Troopers, CLICK HERE

  2. Fundraising Captains:

    • The individual who starts a fundraiser on Facebook is considered a Fundraising Captain.

    • Captains will tap into their networks to raise funds for their team.

    • Captains can switch alliances by changing their fundraising title and informing the Fundraising Manager, Executive Director Michael Gough at Only Captains can transfer funds; individual donors cannot transfer their donations.


Competition Timeline:

  • July 5-7: All five teams compete to raise the most money.

  • July 8-9: The top 4 teams continue to compete.

  • July 10: The top 2 competitors are announced and will battle it out in a formal debate aired on social media, moderated by Troopers Program Coordinator Timothy Snyder, in front of a live audience.

  • July 11: The top 2 teams go head-to-head.

  • July 12: The Champion is crowned. The projected winner of the Knockout will be announced.

  • July 13: Additional donations are welcomed and will help us in defeating the Blue Knights and Mandarins.


Additional Rules:

  • Endorsements: When a team is knocked out, the overall team representative may endorse a competitor. Upon formal announcement and clearance by the Executive Director, all funds from that candidate will shift to the endorsed team.

  • Prizes: Top-earning members of the "A" Corps will receive prizes. There is also a general public prize package for top fundraising campaigns. To learn more, CLICK HERE


Contact Information:



Let’s rally our networks and see which team can raise the most for the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps! May the best team win!

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