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Hover over the team photo and use the download icon to download the team graphic you want to use. When you create your facebook fundraiser, be sure to use the Team title as it is listed here.

Team Name: RMR Mini-Rivalry - TEAM MARY

Representative Classification: Corps Class

Role in Organization: "A" Corps Director

Years in Organization:  4

Mary Duerkop is a powerful team to join. Mary built her reputation as the ultimate brass caption head, taking the Troopers hornline to the heights of victory. She was so impressive that she received promotion to "A" Corps Director for the 2024 season. She wields an army of members and staff that will follow her into battle. She is an odds-on favorite to win the whole thing!

Team Name: RMR Mini-Rivalry - TEAM BERNIE

Representative Classification: Alumni Class

Role in Organization: Member Experience Liaison & Sabers Circle Committee Member

Years in Organization:  18+

Bernard Rosenberg represents the Alumni Class. As a member of the Sabers Circle Committee, he has the potential to command over 66 years of alumni supporters. As Member Experience Liaison of the Troopers "A" Corps, he stands a great chance at stealing members away from Team Mary and securing a win for the alumni!

Team Name: RMR Mini-Rivalry - TEAM LARRY

Representative Classification: Keagle Class

Role in Organization: Motivational Speaker, Fitness Expert, Larry

Years in Organization:  2 impressive years

Larry Shmiglybakon first joined the organization by winning the opportunity to become an intern with the Troopers in 2023. He takes credit for far too much of the corps' success. He was recently found sleeping in the copy room at the Troopers Bingo Hall. Apparently, he never left after the tour ended and hitched a ride in the equipment truck back to Casper. Since then, he mysteriously acquired access to the Troopers Youtube Channel and now hosts "Between Two Cones" featuring interviews with prominent figures in the Troopers organization. His fan support could send him to the top of the fundraising heap. He also loves bald eagles because... 'Merica. It seems only fitting that he represents the Keagle Class. 

Team Name: RMR Mini-Rivalry - TEAM HARRY

Representative Classification: Bingo Class

Role in Organization: Bingo Manager, Rock N Roll Icon

Years in Organization:  Decades

Harry Smith is a world-renowned rock icon, known for his hit tunes "B-11 and the Smell of Winning" and "Come on Big Money." He is also the estranged brother of Larry Schmiglybakon (different Fathers). Don't count Harry out. Last year, he rallied the dedicated support of the entire Bingo community of Casper. He also maintains many inroads throughout the organization and is not afraid of playing dirty to hijack loyalties from other teams. There is nobody with more strategic skill than Harry Smith.

Team Name: RMR Mini-Rivalry - TEAM TOMMY