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Troopers Legacy Corps 2023 Multicam
Troopers Legacy Corps 2023
Troopers Legacy Corps at DCI 2023
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The Troopers Legacy Corps assists with meaningful connections between alumni and members and supports the Troopers World Class Drum and Bugle Corps. This ensemble fosters positive relationships with the drum corps community, our fans, and the public. The Troopers Legacy Corps proudly represents the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps’ rich legacy by performing at DCI SoundSport events and other community performances across the United States.



In 2018, at a meeting was held during the 60th anniversary celebration of the Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps to discuss the possibility of forming an Alumni Corps, which had been an ongoing subject for many years. Pat Chagnon raised her hand, volunteering to head the project, and so the journey began. A five-year plan was developed, building from standstill performances and a parade to a full-length field show celebrating the Troopers’ 65th anniversary at the 2023 Drum Corps International World Championships.  


As enthusiasm for the added corps grew in its first five years, the ensemble was rebranded as the Troopers Legacy Corps, expanding membership to include Troopers’ fans as well as alumni. More than 200 Legacy Corps members marched in the historic performance at the DCI World Championship Semi Finals on Friday, August 11, 2023, culminating with the largest Long Blue Line performance of Battle Hymn when the Troopers A Corps joined the TLC on the field.


As the wildly successful 65th anniversary celebration drew to a close and the initial mission of the Legacy Corps was fulfilled, talk turned to “what’s next?” Eager to keep the music and momentum going, three brave souls, Dana DeCosta, Tom Farr, and Nick Simons, stepped forward with support from Mike Gough to establish an on-going Troopers Legacy Corps with the mission above. And so. the Long Blue Line marches on - the A Corps performing in the DCI World Class competitions and the Legacy Corps performing at DCI SoundSport events and community performances.


The Troopers Legacy Corps carries forward the guiding principles from the 65th anniversary project:


1.) Honor the Troopers’ past

2.) Never take resources away from the junior corps

3.) Be of service & give back to the junior corps

4.) Support and encourage all who are part of the journey - celebrate all!

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