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Meet our 2022 Design Team

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Today, the Troopers Design Team is meeting in Las Vegas to go over creative plans for our 2022 program.

We are excited to announce that our 2021 design team is returning with the addition of Lindsey Schueller as Visual Designer.

The team is lead by Program Coordinator & Brass Arranger Tim Snyder.

DCI Hall of Fame member Paul Rennick returns as Percussion Director and will once again be arranging the percussion book along with Sandi Rennick. Our long standing relationship with Paul and Sandi has helped pave the way for an incredible percussion section at the Troopers.

If you enjoyed the soundscapes of our 2021 program "Unleashed" and the Santa Clara Vanguard video production of "Wait for Me," then you are in luck. Dave Isaacs is back as our Sound Designer.

"We always considered the 2021 season to be the warm up act for 2022. If you enjoyed the Troopers last summer, put on a seat belt because we are turning things up this season. The team that brought you "Unleashed," combined with the expertise that Lindsey Schueller brings to the table is surely going to be an experience not to be missed." -Corps Director Michael Gough

To read bios of the design team CLICK HERE

To become a Trooper CLICK HERE


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