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Admin Interns Vital to Successful Drum Corps Tour

Ryan McAlindin embraces benefits of corps internship

In the work of non-profits, the contributions of interns can make a world of difference in achieving the organization’s mission. That is especially true for a successful season of drum corps.

The benefits of interning with a touring marching music ensemble can also be a difference maker for the interns themselves.

For young people hoping to transition from a marching member to staff working in operations or administration, a drum corps internship provides both an introduction to the logistical workings of such an ensemble and a foot in the door for those who excel in such positions.

Troopers’ Assistant Corps Director Hailey Davis noted that administrative staff keeps a drum corps running throughout the season, allowing education and creative staff to focus on the all-important artistic and competitive components. Interns, in turn, can be vital contributors to accomplishing all manner of administrative work – from moving the corps down the road to feeding the members.

“[Internships are] great for future band directors because things like food, uniforms, and transportation are all factors that band directors have to manage beyond the music,” Davis stressed.

The opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes prompted 2022 Troopers’ age-out Ryan McAlindin to seek a 2023 internship with Troop.

“There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that members don’t necessarily get to see,” Ryan said.

As a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi, a fraternal organization known primarily for service to college marching bands, Ryan has some familiarity with the tasks he expects to help with as a Troopers’ intern.

“I have always enjoyed learning about how marching ensembles are managed,” he added.

And, there can be a lot to manage. Davis stressed that successful admin interns are proactive, coming in with a great attitude, always to jump in on any task.

“In admin, I’ve sewn uniforms; I’ve cooked food; I’ve made schedules; I’ve painted props. Admin is the backbone of the corps, truly,” she said.

Of course, a foot in the door is also an appealing reason to pursue an internship and then to make every effort to excel at grace under pressure.

My alumni partner last year was [Corps Director] Mike Gough, and I knew I wanted to work with him more after I aged out,” McAlindin shared as another reason he pursued an internship.

Interning with a drum corps is also a great way to stay connected. Admin interns know the 411 behind the scenes. They get to travel with the ensemble across the country and attend many drum corps shows.

Plus, an internship just might help ease the transition to alumnus status. McAlindin believes serving as an intern will help him better understand the ways he can give back to the Troopers as a member of the Long Blue Line.

While there are late nights, early mornings, and never-ending tasks, admin interns are also often a big part of the extra fun that can happen during tour.

“Troopers’ admin is a team that loves to laugh throughout the day, and we get to set up some pretty fun events,” Hailey added, sharing how interns contributed to 2022’s epic Troopers water balloon fight as well as both movies in the courtyard and History Night.

Troopers hope to keep pace with the growth they began in 2021 and expanded upon in 2022. While creative and educational staff are hard at work with the show, administration itself needs to double down on logistics, on continuing to advance the member experience and more. Therefore, Troopers are still seeking to add to the corps’ pool of 2023 admin interns.

If you would like to make a difference and support the Troopers as they continue to march forward, consider applying to be an admin intern this summer. Become an important component in helping the corps To Lasso The Sun. Full-summer and partial-summer opportunities still exist.

To learn more, visit here.

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