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An Important Message from the Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The Troopers sincerely apologize for the anger and disappointment that we caused over the past week. We regret that we took a defensive posture when we should have been listening to our members, staff, alumni and supporters. We are sorry for any pain and frustration the previous process and statements caused and for a culture that did not address your needs.

Over the last week, we have met with many of you and have listened as we work to identify our most critical needs for improvement. We are devoted to the promise of healing and progress through this type of continued collaboration.

We have already begun to implement changes in the following key areas;


  • Kristy Jackson has tendered her resignation as Corps Director effective immediately.

  • Michael Gough, who served as Marketing Director since 2016, has been named interim corps director, starting today.

    • “This drum corps belongs to its members, and we, the stewards of this American institution, are in service to you, not the other way around,” Gough said. “Loyalty is not something that is required for anyone to hand over blindly to any individuals responsible for ‘running the show’. It is a gift that we give to our marching family on the field, in the heat of performance, and in everyday life on and off the road.” Respect and dignity will be equal to our motto of honor, loyalty, and dedication from this day forward.”


  • We will make it easier for members to communicate their concerns through a more streamlined and accessible reporting system.

  • We will add a member advocate. They will be visible and available to the members throughout the entire season. This person will report to the board, not to the Director.


  • We will add capacity to the Board devoted to member advocacy, and will invite those who have been advocate voices to join the Board.


  • We will expand medical and wellness resources, from spring training through championships week.

  • We will review all aspects of tour life and logistics -- from food to fields, from travel time to downtime -- and make improvements that address members' expectations.

While we are still in the early stages of this Troopers renewal, you can look forward to a transparent process of improving the organization in the weeks and months to come. We ask you to remain active in the process: continue to offer us helpful, critical, and righteous feedback

Today is a moment that has called us all into action with the opportunity to bring us back together. “Side by side, we stand together hand in hand.”


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