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Celebrate the Season of Giving with the Troopers

The recent #GivingTuesday observance was just the beginning of the Season of Giving for Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps.

Earlier this week, the organization rolled out gifts to thank our first donors. A limited number of these unique keepsakes is still available.

The gifts — a handmade Troopers-themed stocking ($58 donation tier), a vintage-themed holiday pillow cover ($50 donation tier) and an all-new sticker ($21 donation) — are available to donors while supplies last. These special offerings make perfect holiday gifts for the Troopers’ fan in your life. Or, keep them for yourself and celebrate your holidays with extra Troopers’ style.

While the holiday gifts are in limited quantity, it is possible to support the Troopers in additional ways this season of giving. Promote Troopers’ recruitment by sharing a poster through the Print One, Hang One campaign. Or, share a story of the positive difference

the Troopers made in your life by Giving Voice with either a written or video statement.

Or give of your time and talents. Troopers are looking for volunteers for the coming season, starting with the camp December 17-19 in Greenfield, IN.

Find information on Season of Giving opportunities at

Volunteer information is at

Or, follow us on:

Facebook @TroopersDrumCorps

Instagram @thecaspertroopers

Twitter @CasperTroopers


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