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Honoring the Voracious

Two months since we bid farewell to an amazing season, yet Trooper Nation is still in awe of our 2022 production, the dedicated staff, our supportive fans and especially our marching members. 2022 was a success thanks to the hard work of dedicated members who fought diligently to make DCI Finals within days of regathering after nearly 1/3 of the corps was out with Covid.

The contributions of each and every 2022 member is noteworthy. Selecting year-end award recipients is rarely easy, but the 2022 members made this year’s selections especially tough to choose.

Congratulations to the 2022 member award recipients.

Visual Rookie of the Year - Kat Motichek

Visual Most Improved - Gabe Warkentin

Visual MVP - Ember Hesse

Brass Rookie of the Year - Mitchell Summers

Brass Most Improved - Benjamin Groover

Brass MVP - Ember Hesse

Color Guard Rookie of the Year - Layla Spencer

Color Guard Most Improved - Alfonso Buenrositio

Color Guard MVP - Nicholas Pelaez

Battery Rookie of the Year - Kanato Iwai

Battery Most Improved - Omari Wiseman

Battery MVP - Caleb Brown

Front Ensemble Rookie of the Year - Matthew Estrada

Front Ensemble Most Improved - Ryan Hurford

Front Ensemble MVP - Dominic Willis

The Jon Coppinger "Trooper Spirit Award" - Moriah Elkin

Trooper of the Year - Genevieve Batman

Jim Jones Leadership Award - Jake Spinogatti

Director's Award - Gerald Klein

Volunteers and staff were honored as well. More will follow on those awards.We’ll also take a look at the meaning of some of our top honors and share a little more about some of these members.


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