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Let Your Online Shopping Smile on the Troopers when you shop through AmazonSmile

If you shop Amazon this holiday season, you can show the Troopers some love by shopping via AmazonSmile. It is easy to get started. And, yes! AmazonSmile still works with your Prime membership.

To get started, go to rather than the regular Amazon website. Once on the site, sign in with YOUR SAME ACCOUNT. There, select Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps Inc. as your charity.

If you use the Amazon app on your smartphone, AFTER you sign up with AmazonSmile via, you should turn on supporting a charity in your app. Once in the app, click on the 3 lines (bottom right) for your settings. Click Gifting & Charity. Then scroll and choose “Turn on AmazonSmile.” Follow the instructions.

Again, your Prime still applies. Yes! Through AmazonSmile, you get the same great Amazon products and prices. Just remember to shop through AmazonSmile each and every time. Check out through

To reiterate: Sign up through You can connect the Smile program in your smartphone app once you have signed up but not on a tablet or iPad. From a tablet or a computer, you should navigate to from your browser and sign in using your regular account.

Soon, the Troopers organization will set up some wish lists for programs including our Food Truck or our Medical Tent. If you support those efforts, you will benefit our corps twice by purchasing any wish list item you plan to donate through AmazonSmile provided that you selected Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps as your charity.

Don’t think 5% seems like much? Consider if we all work together. Without our promoting or explaining how to use AmazonSmile to benefit America’s Corps, Troop fans have earned $3,000 for us through this program. Some other drum corps have been known to receive more than $10,000, and, with your help, we can increase our donations to such levels. Actually, with our amazing fans, families, staff and alumni, it’s possible we could become one of the drum corps receiving the greatest benefits through AmazonSmile.

So, put your Amazon shopping to good use. Let the purchases you will make anyway benefit the Troopers. There is no better time to get started than this holiday season.

As always, we appreciate the love from Trooper Nation. Thank you all for all the support you show us.


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