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Meet Rick Rice, Troopers Historian

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Rick Rice joined the Trooper Cadets in 1966 and went on to march with the "A" corps from 1967-1970. He played baritone all five years. Over the years, Rick has made it his passion to collect pictures and memorabilia from throughout the corps history. In 2008, during the 50th anniversary celebration, he was re-introduced to the corps by then Alumni president, Joel Williams. From then on out, Rick has been a fixture on social media groups promoting the detailed history of the corps. He's been know to post anything from scores from historical shows to posters, pictures and much more.

In recent years, Rick has brought out his memorabilia to show off at our annual "history night" helping to instill the heritage of the corps into today's members. He has also spearheaded the effort to honor Troopers that have passed on in a memorial called "The Eternal Blue Line." Rick is the co-administrator with Ric Basil on the private facebook group "America's Corps: Legacy of the Troopers." There, you will find a treasure trove of Troopers history.

(Above photo: Rick Rice pictured in the center circa 1969. Below photo: Rick Nieman returning Rick Rice's jacket after 44 years.)


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