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Meet the 2021 Troopers Drum Major Team

Updated: Oct 6, 2021


Dajia is in her third year with the Troopers. She is from Kennedale, Texas and attends East Texas Baptist University where she is majoring in Music Education.

During the pandemic, she worked and took summer classes to stay productive. To stay positive, she watched a lot of drum corps videos from past seasons.

"I am most excited about performing with my friends again and meeting the new members."

Her top three goals for the Troopers are as follows:

  1. Learn as much as you can about yourself and about the culture of drum corps.

  2. Meet new people and make new friends.

  3. Be proud to be apart of the long blue line.



Aaron O'Bar is in his third year with the Troopers. Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, he currently attends Boise State University where he is studying K-12 Music Education with an emphasis in saxophone performance.

During the COVID 19 lock down, Aaron made it his goal to become a better musician. He picked up instruments he hadn't played in a long time and ended up auditioning for the Blue Thunder Marching Band at Boise State and got a spot as a mellophone performer.

"I’m extremely excited for the DCI Indianapolis Showcase at the end of the season. I can’t wait for the community to come together to celebrate the return of the marching arts."

His top three goals for the Troopers are as follows:

  1. Push the Troopers back into the spotlight as the corps everyone is excited to see perform.

  2. Instill a desire for success at the highest level.

  3. Unleash the new generation of Troopers!



Trevor is in his first year as a conductor with the Troopers. He is from Arlington, Texas and is studying at the University of Texas in Arlington.

During the COVID 19 lock down, Trevor kept his spirits up by trying to keep everything in his life as normal as he could. He continued to work, attend school and kept faith that even though the corps did not have an in person season in 2020, that he would still get the chance to have a drum corps experience with the Troopers in 2021.

"In 2021, I’m excited that we’re starting to see a little bit of normalcy, and actually having a DCI season, even though it’s not exactly how we all would like it. It’s still amazing to see how far we’ve come and the steps we’ve taken as a community to try and bring DCI back as much as we possibly can."

His top three goals for the Troopers are as follows:

  1. Have as normal of a season as humanly possible.

  2. Meet amazing new people from across the country.

  3. And most importantly, have fun!



Savannah is a flute and oboe player from Indianapolis, but currently lives in Muncie, Indiana where she attends Ball State University. At Ball State, she is majoring in Interpersonal Communications and minoring in Management & Organizational Communication and Psychology of Human Development. Savannah will be aging out with the Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps after spending two seasons as assistant conductor and three as head drum major. Before joining Troopers she was a drum major for her high school, Decatur Central, for two years.

Savannah stayed very busy during the pandemic, becoming the head of curriculum at the Drum Major Leadership Academy.

Savannah’s goal in life is to help others become the best version of themselves.


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