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Remembering Robert W. Smith

Yesterday, we learned of the passing of the famed composer and former Troopers arranger, Robert W. Smith. Robert was an icon in the world of bands and drum corps, and he created some of the most unforgettable music.

We were incredibly fortunate to have worked with Robert from 2013 to 2018 while he assembled some of the most memorable Trooper shows of the last decade. Our members and staff benefited greatly from knowing and being taught by this incredible person.

"He was an icon in not only our activity but the entire music world. I feel fortunate to have known him and feel my life is more enriched because of it.
He leaves behind a Trooper legacy that makes me smile as I think back on his time here.
I only hope we can continue what he helped start and honor his legacy in the best way we know how." -Tim Snyder, Brass Caption Head 2013-2016, Current Program Coordinator/Brass Arranger

It would be impossible to honor Robert's legacy without listening to his work. In each of the years that he worked with the Troopers, you can hear not only incredible arrangements but also original compositions throughout the programs.

Robert began his tenure with the Troopers in 2013, arranging and composing one of the most popular Trooper shows in history, "Magnificent 11."

The sound of 2013 set the Troopers on a path that defined the last decade.

In 2014, he brought to the field the life and times of Abraham Lincoln in "A People's House."

Who could forget the Wild Horses of 2015. In this very special year, Robert was fortunate to assemble music not only for the corps, but for his own daughter, Madison, who was a featured vocalist in the program.

In 2016, one of the crowning achievements of Robert's career was when he wrote and conducted "The Greatest Generation." With Robert conducting, this extraordinary piece was performed at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 2016, with the Pearl Harbor Mass Band. The band featured members from both the United States and Japan.

A year later, in collaboration with the Troopers' media team, Robert released a short documentary featuring his music and a heartfelt tribute to the Greatest Generation.

"Young people come to the Troopers each year and learn a lot about honor, loyalty, and dedication. I can tell you that Robert knew a lot about that motto. The way that he honored our nation's history and the people who sacrificed for it left a lasting impression upon me as we worked together on this film.
I know that who he was as a person made a big difference in the lives of our membership throughout the years." -Mike Gough, Troopers Executive Director

On behalf of all who have worn the Troopers uniform, we wish grace, peace and healing for Susan, Savannah, Madison and the entire Smith family. Thank you Robert, for everything. HLD


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