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2018 Show Announcement - The New Road West

The Troopers reflect on their 60 years of rich history as they pave their way for another 60 years in their 2018 production, “The New Road West.” The journey starts in the east with an urban setting showcasing the more traditional, militaristic time period using “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance. As the program slowly makes its way west, the set design helps to direct the performers in a new direction, discovering the lore and appeal of the great American road west. “Toward The Splendid City” by Richard Danielpour helps narrate the desire for departure from the complication of city life.

As the performers make their way west, they will shed those militaristic dark layers and move towards the beauty and solitude of the great American west experienced through the land itself. “Canyon Echoes” by Robert W. Smith will showcase the beauty and solitude of the new land. As sound travels through the serenity of the canyon, it bounces and refracts much like the light that dance on the canyon walls creating a full spectrum of color in both sound and light. The performers will reveal this through continual changes of both costume and set design. As the journey nears the middle of America, the reflection of where we were and where we are going is showcased with Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now.” This is the moment when the performers reflect on where the journey started and the excitement of what is to come, paving that new road west. As final layers of costuming are shed, the ensemble moves west with joy, allure, and hope for a new beginning. Robert W. Smith has created an original composition to depict the joy, celebration of an epic journey that is now complete and immortalized in sound and color. As the sun bursts with new energy and the western sky glows with the warmth and promise of a new day, our road west invites all to raise their voices and join us in celebration of life, freedom, and a passage to a New Road West.


Dress west this summer and be a part of the action. See the 2018 apparel, including this year's tour shirt at


Click HERE to see the Troopers coast to coast tour dates!


We need your support this summer in several key areas. In order to put this exciting program on the road and keep our students healthy, we rely on our drum corps community to help make it all possible. You have the ability to make a difference in the lives of our performing members by providing a meaningful gift through one of the options listed through TroopAid. Be a part of the 2018 season and give that gift today. Click on the TroopAid logo to see more!


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