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Troopers Ended Season with Banquet and Recognitions

The 2023 Troopers rose to the challenge of lassoing the sun. Each member played a critical role in helping the corps to not only return to Finals but also to advance into DCI’s Top 10.

Selecting year-end award recipients is rarely easy, and 2023 was no exception. In the near future, we will introduce our fans to some of our 2023 Sun Riders in more detail. Now, however, we congratulate our 2023 year-end award recipients.

Visual Rookie of the Year - Bryce Ortiz

Visual Most Improved - Vitto Pagliardini

Visual MVP - Ryan Harkcom

Brass Rookie of the Year - Carson Gramm

Brass Most Improved - Ryan Rose

Brass MVP - Tarek Murray

Color Guard Rookie of the Year - Hannah Barker

Color Guard Most Improved - Claire Salisbury

Color Guard MVP - Will Carroll

Battery Rookie of the Year - Caleb Yurasek

Battery Most Improved - Brooks Wade

Battery MVP - Cason Damron

Front Ensemble Rookie of the Year - Devin Brown

Front Ensemble Most Improved - Raina Liao

Front Ensemble MVP - Danyel Buentello

The Jon Coppinger "Trooper Spirit Award" - Ryan Blankenship

Trooper of the Year - Jackson Campbell

Jim Jones Leadership Award - Bryan Paat

Director's Award - Dakota Riedlinger

Volunteers and staff were also honored as well. Congratulations to the following:

Traute Gilbert Volunteer(s) of the Year:

Rebecca Steinke, Will Borich, Bill Dudgeon, Sandy Waterfield

Special “Hero” Award

Dennis Feyhl and Casey Krupika

We are proud of these individuals and every member, staff member, volunteer, and supporter who helped make 2023 a season to remember. Soon, we will share some fun highlights, photos + more from our 65th Anniversary Celebration, our Hall of Fame Induction and our 2023 Banquet. We’re also working on in-depth coverage of the outstanding presentations from Troopers Legacy Corps in Indy. Our 65th anniversary was full of amazing people and happenings. We look forward to sharing more with our fans soon.

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