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Troopers Hall of Fame - Nominations Open

Troopers Hall of Fame

Hello to everyone out there in Troopers land!  We are entering another exciting year of activities for all of us.

The experience that we have created for all of the young people that are and have been participating in this activity is phenomenal.   When I say we, I think of all of the parents, volunteers,  staff members,  instructors, alumni, and the list goes on.  It is all of us working together that make this possible. 

The Troopers Hall of Fame is our opportunity to honor those who have contributed above and beyond.  I consider it the highest and most gratifying honor a person can receive.  It is that time of our year when the Sabers Circle accepts nominations for the Troopers Hall of Fame. 

Nominations will be open from now until March 15th.  Remember, anyone may nominate an individual or a family to be considered for induction into the Troopers Hall of Fame.   The criteria and guidelines for completing and turning in nominations are on the Troopers web page at

February 2 - March 15th: Submission of nominations  

March 15th - March 31st: Review of nominations 

April 1st: Voting 

The Sabers Circle Leadership and the current Hall of Fame members will vote.  The ceremony itself will take place towards the end of June in conjunction with the Troopers schedule.  The date, time, and place will be announced as soon as their schedule is finalized.    

I strongly encourage anyone that has someone in mind that they would like to see inducted into the Troopers Hall Of Fame to start now with the nomination process.  

If anyone out there has any questions,  please contact me.

Lee Engle



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