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Troopers Hall of Fame Making Exciting Changes for 65th Anniversary

For 2023, Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps Hall of Fame is undergoing two changes; one is designed to encourage a potentially broader range of nominations and the other, to better connect celebrating this year’s inductees with our 65th anniversary plans.

Over its 65 years, the Troopers have been blessed with committed members, extraordinary staff, supportive donors and dedicated volunteers who embody the corps motto: Honor. Loyalty. Dedication. To honor individuals whose significant contributions helped the Troopers advance throughout the ensemble’s existence, the organization began inducting members into its Hall of Fame in 2011.

Inductees range from corps founder Jim Jones to members turned instructors like Fred Sanford to long-time volunteers such as the Gilberts or Ma Bailey and even members turned leaders including Mike Ottoes. (You can read more about our Hall of Fame winners here.

Over the past decade many foundational luminaries key to the Troopers’ first 40 years of success have been honored. With the upward trajectory of our present-day Troopers and considering the many individuals involved with the drum corps each year, the HoF committee is now making updates to inspire nominations this year.

We encourage individuals to nominate candidates with two time frames in mind:

•Legacy – contributors up through 1999

•Contemporary – 2000 to present day

“A good reason to simplify the categories is because some individuals have served the corps in a variety of ways, and perhaps they should be recognized for the total of their services rather than just one thing specifically,” noted Mike Gough, Corps Director.

A timeframe category encourages recognition of contributors who might have played several roles over the years, such as a parent who became a volunteer. Or, the new category might inspire the nomination of younger staff who – while seemingly newer – have contributed for several years in remarkable ways.

Previously, nomination categories were as follows, with nominees participating in at least 3 years in an area:

•Marching Member (Eligible 2 years after aging out)



•Special Achievement: Special significant contributor to the mission and ideals of the Troopers – in any capacity for any amount of time – either currently active or inactive

These categorical guidelines remain acceptable starting suggestions for thinking about candidates but with the generational periods considered. As the Troopers work to both honor the past and embrace the future, the timeframe categories can encourage nominations of people who have made important contributions in more recent years as well.

Hall of Fame nominations are now underway. Nominations close April 1. Information on the process is on the website at:

The other change for 2023 is that the induction ceremony will likely be held near Indianapolis during DCI World Championship week.

Due to logistics with host sites in Casper specifically for 2023, holding spring training in the Troopers’ home town will not be possible this year. Without the Troopers present for extended time in Casper, holding a special event there becomes less enticing.

I think we may run the risk of having a very low turnout and little excitement this season if we hold the HoF separate from our major events,” said Gough.

Gough added holding the Hall of Fame ceremony in Indianapolis this year during Championships week would allow the organization to include the Legacy Corps at the festivities. There would be more possibilities to cross promote major events happening in the Trooper universe that week.

At this time, many details and plans are incomplete. Watch for updates this spring.


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