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Troopers Offering Opportunities and Thankfulness this Giving Tuesday

Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps is approaching #GivingTuesday a little differently in 2021.

Tuesday, November 30, is the official global day of giving celebrated as Giving Tuesday. On this day, Troopers will roll out December’s Season of Giving. From November 30 to year’s end, the corps has opportunities to provide support in several ways, from donating money to sharing positive testimony to helping promote the 2022 season.

Troopers encourages members, alumni, family, friends or fans to give in one of the following ways: Giving Resources by providing monetary support; Giving Thanks by sharing testimony of the benefits of participating in the Troopers; Giving Info by helping with the Print One, Hang One campaign; Giving Voice by sharing Troopers’ news; and Giving of Yourself by volunteering time or resources.

In return, Troopers will give to our donors, share our stories of thanks and support good works at home.

Beginning Giving Tuesday, the Troopers invites Season of Giving donations through the corps’ website at one of the following levels: $21 - in honor of our epic return to the field this past summer; $50 - to celebrate the Troopers as a founding member of Drum Corps International as DCI prepares to celebrate its golden anniversary; or $58 - in observance of the year Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps was founded. Donations will defray costs of spring weekend camps and will help prepare for the increased fuel costs looming for the 2022 tour.

In thanks, the Troopers will gift the first donors on Giving Tuesday with hand-crafted holiday items. Gift quantities are limited to the first 25 donors at the $50 level and the first 25 at the $58 level. Don’t delay; only the first 25 donations at each of these levels will receive the handmade gifts perfect for Troopers’ fans. To donate or learn more, visit:

Another way to provide support is through the Print One, Hang One campaign. Before December 10, members, fans or staff are asked to visit the corps’ website, download a poster and share it in a local marching arts setting. Print it and hang it. Or, share the graphic via a digital presentation to a school or band. Members and member hopefuls who share the poster and provide documentation will be entered into a drawing for one free tuition at one of the first four weekend camps of 2022.

Visit to learn more about Print One, Hang One or to download the poster file.

Also as part of the Season of Giving, members and alumni are invited to share testimony of the positive impact Troopers had in their lives. Troopers Marketing is seeking either written or video statements of positive experiences garnered from the Troopers. Celebrate a life skill, a marching arts skill, a memory or an experience gained through the Troopers. To learn more about the submission process and deadlines, visit:

The Troopers’ nation is encouraged to Give Voice by sharing Troopers’ news and program information.Re-share social media posts or hang posters throughout December. Troopers also invite everyone to consider how they might give time or talent to the organization for 2022.

The Troopers organization looks forward to giving back in return. Our first effort will return the favor within the Casper community. Troopers’ Bingo will share Giving Tuesday proceeds with local charity Mimi's House/Bradley Menzel Miracle Home. Troopers also looks forward to giving the first 25 donors at the $58 level a special Christmas-themed gift. For the first 25 donors at the $50, Troopers will gift a different handmade Christmas item. The special gifts will be revealed early on giving Tuesday. Donors at the $21+ level will receive one of the new Troopers’ stickers. Finally, we look forward to sharing the good news of member and alumni testimony throughout the Season of Giving.

Find information on all of the Giving Tuesday and Season of Giving opportunities at www.troopers drum Or, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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