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Best Moments of the Decade! Goodbye 2010's, Hello Roaring 20's

It's the last day of the decade! Where has the time gone? Before we look forward with 2020 vision (haha), let's take a look back at the ten seasons that made this decade very special.


We were hot off the 2009 season, having made finals for the first time in twenty three years. 2010 brought incredible talent to the table as everyone wanted to become a Trooper in 2010.


The infinity chord. Need we say more?


It was a visionary look at the future, as told from the perspective of the old west Troopers. While the 2012 season saw the corps slip in the rankings, it set the stage for what would come next.


The year of "The Magnificent 11." The Troopers bounced back in a big way in 2013, delivering one of the most popular Trooper shows in history. It was also one of the highest scoring Troopers shows of all time. It all culminated in the newly redesigned sunburst with the corps playing Battle Hymn of the Republic.

The corps ended their season in 13th place with an 86.05, missing finals by 0.15 to the Blue Stars.

This colorguard judging tape says it all...


The Troopers home show in Cheyenne was rained out in 2014, but that led to an incredibly memorable moment for the fans that stuck around. Those that remained were treated to an up close an personal performance of the 2014 program "A People's House", several encore tunes, and the singing of the corps song.


Considered by many young people of today to be one of the greatest Trooper shows in the modern era, "Wild Horses" delivered yet another stunning performance by the Troopers.

This warm up video not only shows the power of the 2015 Troopers hornline, but also the debut of former Drum Major Gabe Gallegos.


The Troopers emerged with a new look in 2016 as they explored what it means to be a "hero."


In July of 2017, the corps was able to spend a significant amount of time in Casper, Wyoming. They appeared in the Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo Parade, at the Casper Rodeo, along with a special public performance at Ft. Caspar. That evening, members had the opportunity to see where the 11th Ohio Cavalry lived during the 1800s.

During finals week at the end of the summer, it was announced that Drum Major Gabe Gallegos had won the Jim Jones leadership award. This award, named after our founder had never been won by a Troopers Drum Major before.


The 60th anniversary of the Troopers did not disappoint! The alumni association pulled together the greatest reunion in history, which has now spun off into an alumni corps.

The corps itself was able to conduct spring training in Douglas, WY and in Casper, WY. The corps also went on the west coast tour for the first time since 2010.


In the final year of the decade, the Troopers embraced a new look and feel, bringing the Troopers into the 21st century. Under the leadership of a new Corps Director, and a new Drum Major, the corps set out to go "Beyond Boundaries."

Checkout the percussion section doing a full run through of their show at the end of the season...


Continuing tomorrow, we look toward the future. It's not too late to join the legacy of the Troopers. The history of tomorrow will be written by the youth of today. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the brass or colorguard sections, we are still open, but filling quickly. Here are a few locations we will be holding auditions in the next week.

Sign up to become a Trooper at

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