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Troopers Legacy Corps Embraces a Return to Drum Corps

Gathering & performances in July in WY & CO create buzz

Check out Legacy Corps article in Drum Corps World at

A chance to revisit the glory days of marching. An opportunity to join a drum corps family if that has been an unrealized dream. Honoring one of Drum Corps International’s most iconic drum and bugle corps.

Those things and more are what the Troopers Legacy Corps offers and what members celebrated when they gathered in Wyoming last month to perform at two DCI shows.

The Troopers Legacy Corps was formed in 2018 as a vehicle to celebrate the long and rich history of the Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps of Casper, Wyoming. The goal is a performing corps in 2023 to honor the Troopers’ 65th anniversary.

Under the direction of Pat Chagnon, a Troopers alumna, members of the 2022 Legacy Corps gathered in Casper for four days in mid-July. The ensemble rehearsed and then performed at the Troopers’ home show in Cheyenne on July 15, offering up a tribute to the organization’s musical history. They closed out the Cheyenne show with a joint performance of the corps’ song, lovingly simply referred to as “Battle Hymn.”

The Legacy Corps opened Drums Along the Rockies the next night in Fort Collins to a fabulous response.

Chagnon penned a detailed article on the four-day experience for Drum Corps World. You can find it staring on page 74 of the current issue here:

Following this 2022 effort, Troopers Legacy Corps will continue their mission to field a corps in 2023 for the Troopers’ 65th anniversary.

New members are welcome, both from the Troopers’ Long Blue Line and from among other drum corps enthusiasts. Watch for updates on the Troopers Alumni website concerning the 2023 Troopers Legacy Corps later in August.


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