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Troopers Name Hall of Fame Class of 2023

The Sabers Circle, the leadership of Troopers alumni programs, is proud to announce this year’s Troopers Hall of Fame Inductees. Four members will be inducted as the corps’ Hall of Fame Class of 2023.

This year’s inductees include: Bob Collins, Karen Nichols, Kari Gilbert, and Lauren Teel.

Induction for the class of 2023 takes place tonight in conjunction with the Troopers’ 65th Anniversary Celebration at Boone County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, IN. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Eastern with an Italian-themed dinner at 6:00 p.m. Dinner is free but a free-will donation is appreciated. There will be a cash bar for beer, wine and seltzer.

The evening’s program begins at approximately 6:45 p.m.

Here’s a quick introduction of the individuals being recognized this summer for their dedication and contributions to America’s Corps.

Bob Collins was a five-year volunteer in the early 1990s. He helped establish a renowned food truck and was known for his quiet observations that attended to the needs of members, ensuring a strong member experience. Collins helped his son raise tour fees in their hometown of Ankeny, Iowa, and, over the years, he helped the Troopers establish a connection to that community that brought both members and support into the Troopers’ folds.

Karen Nichols started as a Trooparent in 2018/2019. Initially, she was known for her volunteerism, helping on the food truck, hosting mail drops or generally being a resource for other parents. A nurse by profession, Karen soon made an even bigger mark by becoming involved with Troopers’ wellness program. After solely helping to coordinate and launch Troopers’ electronic health and member record-keeping, Karen now serves as the corps’ wellness coordinator. For the past two years, Nichols has spent much of her summer traveling with the corps as the ensemble’s primary med staff.

Member, member leader, volunteer and staff - Kari Gilbert has done it all. Gilbert spent 10 years as a marching member and several years on Troopers guard staff, including several yers at Guard Caption head. She has volunteered on the food truck and is often called on to cater events at the corps’ Bingo Hall. Kari is known to pitch in at the souvie booth or to fly out to wherever Troopers are when food truck staffing is slim. In recent years, she has served on administrative staff and pitched in to help the corps in many other ways. Gilbert is one of the rare Troopers’ supporters who has been named Volunteer of the Year twice.

Lauren Teel, whose dedication to Troopercussion is unparalleled, is celebrating her 10th summer with the Troopers. Teel began her work with the Troopers as the Front Ensemble Coordinator in 2013 and was quickly promoted to Percussion Caption Head in 2014. Under Lauren's leadership, the Troopers' percussion program has become one of the most renowned in modern drum corps. Lauren has built a well-defined culture within the percussion section, transforming Troopers’ percussion into a destination within the activity. Teel was a multi-year drum corps vet, remains an active performer and is both a high school and college educator.

Check out the next edition of our new Ezine, TroopTalk for more in-depth info for each inductee.

Congratulations to all.

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Bob Collins should definitely be in the Alumni Hall of Fame.

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