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Unique Giving Challenge Arises in Last Days of the 2023 Rocky Mountain Rivalry

For the 9th straight year, The Troopers are pursuing summer fundraising via a campaign known as the Rocky Mountain Rivalry. RMR is a friendly development competition pitting the Troopers, the Sacramento Mandarins and the Blue Knights from Denver in a bit of good natured rivalry.

Officially, the 2023 RMR runs July 10-22. Once again, our home show – Drums Along the Rockies Cheyenne – fell within the period for RMR. For the second straight year, WyoGives Day – a special non-profit promotional event in the state of Wyoming – has also advantageously fallen during the planned RMR campaign.

For the Troopers, RMR is one of the most important annual fundraising periods. For giving to count toward the rivalry, donations should be made before 11:59 MDT on Saturday, July 22.

Corps Director Mike Gough and Business Manager/Bingo Director Mat Krum are stepping up to help Troopers expand this year’s RMR fundraising. Gough is teaming up with Larry (who we met during our 2023 premiere) while Mat has recently introduced us to Harry. Both Larry and Harry are fighting for Facebook fundraising supremacy.

Derrick the Lonely (formerly Derrick the Voracious) – the only DCI prop with its own Facebook page — is stepping into the fray on July 20 & 21. Derrick has wrangled $5,000 in matching funds from his Casper oil industry friends with a little help from members of the fictional hair band Whitelake. If Larry and Harry can raise a combined $5,000+ in their Facebook fundraisers before Friday ends, Derrick & his friends will throw in their $5,000 to help the Troopers.

Donations, no matter the size, help. Non-profit Facebook fundraisers – such as the mini rivalry between Business Manager/Bingo Director Mat Krum and Corps Director Mike Gough – are secure and are an easy way to give.

Another way you can help the Troopers, is to share, share, share the campaign as it is happening and get others involved.

To stay up-to-date on our RMR competition, be sure to keep an eye on our social media through this weekend.

You can follow Derrick the Lonely on Facebook:

To donate to Larry & team Mike Gough:

To donate to Harry & team Mat Krum:

Curious for more details on the inner workings of RMR? Check out the first edition of this summer’s digital Ezine, Troop Talk.


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